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How to Contact Us, Place an Order, and Make a Change Order

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

First Time Contacting Us?

You can click the "Contact Us/ Request Order Form" button on the top of our website. It will give you the option to write us a message or request an order form to be emailed to you if you are ready to order.

You can also call (231) 893-2605 or email with any questions.

Ready to Place an Order?

Click here to read more if you are not sure if you are ready to order.

Let us know when you are ready to order and we will email you a link to fill out a Google Form. The online form is the quickest and easiest way for us to get all of the important information about your order and it can be filled out from a mobile phone or computer.

To place your order over the phone, call (231) 893-2605 and we will ask you all of the necessary questions to start your order. This also gives us the opportunity to clarify any unclear details immediately.

We also receive orders by email. This is the least efficient method for ordering because it can result in a lengthy string of emails where details can easily be lost. If you choose to order this way you must include:

  • Contact Info: Your full name, phone number, billing address / shipping address, target delivery date, shipping insurance value (optional)

  • Material Info: List all materials, who will supply the materials, and dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness) of raw materials if known

  • Design Info: List all designs with identifying names/numbers, specify which material each design will be cut from, target quantities of each design, target thickness of each design, cutting machine for each design, any secondary operations, and if you need a prototype cut first

  • Files: attach any CAD files, or tell us that you will be sending a template, and you must include a separate supporting document for each design (see examples for CAD supporting documents and template supporting documents here)

knife blank and dimensioned document

Example of supporting document and template provided with an order.

See template and CAD blogs for more examples.

Need to Make a Change Order?

After we have received your order, we will review it and ask any follow up questions. Then we will email you a quote. Once the quote has been accepted, then your order will go to production (or it will be prototyped if requested).

Any change orders should be notified as soon as possible by email with the subject “Change Order,” attach an updated supporting document, and clearly describe what needs to be changed.

Following these steps will make sure that details are not left up to interpretation so we can create an accurate new quote. The best way to avoid additional change order expenses is to verify that all details are accurate before the quote is created.

Summary of the process:

Contact Us / Request Order Form


Any questions answered + Check out "Helpful Information"


Place order online or by phone


LEFI reviews order and clarifies any details

(This is the best time to make any change orders.)


Quote is emailed to customer


Customer accepts quote


Order goes to production or prototype


Order is completed, invoiced, and shipped

When the order is completed:

  • How do I pay for my order?

We will email you an invoice for any deposit or final payment. Final payment is due when the order is completed.

  • When can I expect delivery?

Please provide us with a target delivery date when the order is placed. Upon completion of your order, the shipping carrier will email you a tracking number. If you want shipping insurance please let us know when the order is placed.

All parts are shipped F.O.B. Montague, MI.

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