Flow Dynamic XD Waterjet


Our waterjet is one of few in the market that automatically compensates for part cutting errors of stream lag and taper that are inherent in all waterjet cutting. Powered by mathematical models, Dynamic Waterjet cuts parts faster and more accurately than with a standard, non-Dynamic waterjet.

While waterjet cutting is a slower process than cutting with our fiber laser, it has specific benefits. Waterjet cutting eliminates mechanical stresses, heat-affected zone issues, and heat distortion. Gradual material removal combined with the cooling effect of water keeps the temperature low during production. This is also the reason why it does not leave a HAZ on the parts.

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Flow Dynamic XD Waterjet

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No HAZ – The heat-affected zone alters the mechanical properties of metal. This can lead to a point of failure with critical components, if not taken into account. Waterjet cutting leaves no HAZ because of the lower temperature levels during the process.

Suitable for many materials – waterjet cutting service has its focus on metal cutting. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. are available. But this fabrication method is actually suitable for an extremely wide range of materials including rubber, foam, plastics, glass, etc.

Great accuracy – The tolerances are close to +/-0.006″. The precision and repeatability for producing almost identical custom parts are boosted by using CNC machines.

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