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Sodick Wire EDM 

The Wire EDM machining is more accurate than laser, flame cut, or plasma. It imparts no force on the part, making wire EDM machining capable of achieving very high tolerances for precise dimensions and accurate fit.

Sodick produces parts without burns or distortion, saving time in secondary processing.  Wire EDM projects can be set up and completed with a shorter lead time, allowing you to get your essential parts faster. Any electrically conductive material can be efficiently machined using Wire EDM machining, no matter how fragile. It is ideal for specialty materials such as, timascass, moku-ti, mokume, damascus, and damasteel.

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Sodick AP 250L

Wire EDM Cutting - Leading Edge Fabricating.jpeg

X - Axis travel 9.84" (250mm) 

 Y - Axis travel 5.91" (150 mm)

Tighter tolerance work

Good for harder materials that could not otherwise be machined, and materials that could be deformed through manual cutting.

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