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Secondary Operations

Leading Edge Offers:

  • Deburring: An abrasive belt or vibratory deburr after the cutting process 

  • Manual Mill, Drill, Ream, Tap, or Counterbored Holes: Finish hole diameters pre-heat treat

  • CNC Mill Chamfers / Corner Rounding on Profiles

  • Surface Grind Blades to Specific Thickness

  • Lapping: For very tight tolerances of flatness, parallelism, thickness, or finish. (Maximum part length 8.5")

Outside services:

  • Pre-Heat Treat Blanchard Grinding: Grind blanks to near net thickness

  • Heat Treat

  • Double Disk Grinding: Grind blanks to specified thickness

  • CNC Bevel Grinding: only for orders of 200+ pieces

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