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At Leading Edge, we require the following criteria for any CAD files that are sent to us in order to create quality parts for our customers.

CAD Criteria

We understand that not everyone can be a CAD expert, so we utilize a Virtek Laser Scanner which enables us to easily turn your templates into CAD files that will run properly on any machine.

Anyone may be able to generate and export a CAD file, but this does not mean that it will be useable for machine programming. If you are not an experienced CAD designer, save your time and frustration by utilizing our template-to-CAD service.

Fusion 360 users should be aware that this software does not properly export to shape cutting machines, geometry must be drawn as arcs and lines.

All CAD files must:

  1. Be drawn as arcs and lines/polylines NOT SPLINES. Splines cause rough cuts and take longer to cut because they are made up of many small lines rather than a smooth arc

  2. Include only the holes and profiles to be cut.

  3. Include a 1"x1" square to verify scale

  4. Specify any critical features and tolerances

  5. Be in .DXF, .DWG, .STP/ .STEP, or parasolid formats

  6. Not have intersecting, overlapping, or common lines

  7. Not have any skips or gaps in lines.


All templates must:

  1. Be made from any available rigid material. This could be aluminum, G10, polycarbonate, sheet metal, thin wood, etc.

  2. Be the exact smooth profile you want us to cut 

  3. Include a supporting drawing specifying hole locations, diameters, tolerances, and any other important features that should be reflected in the finished part



CAD Drawing - Leading Edge Fab.jpg


CAD Drawing - Leading Edge Fab.jpg


CAD Drawing - Leading Edge Fab.jpg


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