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Am I ready to order custom knife components?

Getting from Idea to Order

In this blog, we will share the specifics of what it takes to turn your designs into knife components. We want to provide you with exactly the product you want and we realize you may not be aware of all the capabilities of our shop.

We specialize in custom, made-to-order work, so there is no pre-set price list to determine quotes without first providing clear, detailed instructions of what your project requires. Every single order is unique and has different set-up and engineering requirements in order to make it machinable.

knife blanks and wooden templates
Templates are just one of the options we offer to start the design process.
plastic knife template being held

What do you need to know before ordering custom knife components?

  • Design(s). Do you need us to create CAD, do you want a prototype cut, or will you be sending us CAD? Click here for our CAD and template requirements.

  • Target quantity. Whether the quantity is fixed or flexible, we can utilize our nesting software to provide you the best yield from the raw material.

  • Raw material(s). Listed here.

  • Any secondary operations? Listed here.

The most important thing when ordering custom knife components is communication. We want to know the entire scope of work that you expect.

How do I order?

There are two options: 1. If you are looking for a rough quote quickly, then call us and we will fill out the order form while answering your questions. 2. Otherwise, you may request an order form online here to fill out at your convenience.

How much does it cost?

What if my CAD doesn't work for cutting?

If you have questions about how to get the end product that is ideal for your custom knifemaking project- contact us !

Keep following us for posts about CAD and designs--coming soon!

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