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What we do: solve common knifemaking challenges

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to our first post! We will be posting information here frequently about questions I am asked all the time, from topics like machining to more specific knifemaker advice and things we have learned over the years.

This page is solely for the benefit of our customers and followers and will give us the opportunity to share some of our expertise with you. We can only succeed in partnership with you and your business, and we greatly appreciate your interest in us and the custom knife-making world.

In this first post, we want to help our future customers understand the value of what we bring to the table and how we have helped others like you solve common knifemaking challenges.

stacked up skeletons from cutting knife blanks

We Think Like a Knifemaker

  • Do you struggle with material waste?

  • Long lead times?

  • Safety concerns of bandsaws?

  • Inconsistent blanks?

  • Wasted time with CAD?

  • Not enough product to meet your demand?

  • Not enough time to do everything?

We recognize the challenges that come with knifemaking and we are here to help. Our experience with machining and know-how of knife manufacturing are valuable tools that can make your process more efficient.

We have been working with knifemakers for over a decade and we truly care about our customers’ success. Whether you spend countless hours cutting parts yourself or are unhappy with your current supplier, we think you deserve better.

The investment of working with us may seem higher than your local machine shop at first, but our value is much greater for the price.

  • Our turnaround times are faster, so you can spend more time on fit and finish

  • Our nesting software provides the best yield from your material, meaning savings in material cost and more pieces

  • Our experience ensures you receive the best CAD for manufacturing

  • Our attention to detail will assure you receive high-quality components

  • We will significantly reduce your cleanup time by using tight tolerance machinery

  • And we can help you eliminate safety issues associated with bandsaws

Safety First

--Attention bandsaw users--
a man's hand on a table with missing middle finger

Safety is often overlooked, but the risk of cutting with bandsaws could be detrimental to you and your business. If you need any more convincing, just ask Doug from Harbor Steel.

While we understand and appreciate the hard work that some knifemakers do with bandsaws and other stock removal tools, we offer a faster, safer, and more productive option. You can succeed in today's competitive marketplace with a shop that cares about customizing the work to your needs.

If these are challenges you experience, please let us know in the comments here and on Instagram.

Please send more questions that you would like us to discuss in a video or post for next time!

If you're interested in working with us in the future hit the Contact Us / Request Order Form button at the top of the website or give us a call.


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