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I just got my blades in the mail from Leading Edge yesterday and am I happy! Your product is by far, better than the others I have dealt with previously! Yeehaaa! I can't wait to get to working on the 3 big chefs. Thanks, again, Mark for a fantastic job.

Kind Regards,


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Attention knife makers,  Leading Edge Fabricating now an authorized distributor of Niagara Specialty Metals Knife Steels

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Knife Makers - Waterjet cutting of knife blanks

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Leading Edge Fabricating Inc. is a full service job shop that offers abrasive waterjet cutting of knife blanks.  We seek to combine a respect for tradition with a love of progress and innovation.  While we are not knife makers, we do have an appreciation for the knife making business, the personalities involved and an eye for the fine art of quality knives.  We certainly understand the passion for making knives using traditional hand tools, but we can offer you a fast, accurate, safe and consistent method to blank out fixed blades and folder components along with profile cutting of some handle materials.  Let us efficiently cut your blanks so you can spend more of your time applying that personal craftsmanship.


Pricing based on:
  • Quantity
  • Actual material thickness
  • Stock size – strip vs. sheet- one 6x36 strip is more cost effective to cut than 4 - 1½ x 36 strips.
  • Pattern or template to work from
  • Lead time requirement
  • We offer volume discounts so send us your pattern for a quote.

Set up/CAD files

Set up charges depend on the data we receive from you.   The better the CAD data the smoother the project goes through.  If you don’t have the capability to provide CAD files, either .dxf or .dwg, we can take your pattern and create a file for a small fee.  It’s also possible to create CAD files from sketches and templates but the quickest most effective way is to send us a hard pattern with all the key features and holes defined, and we’ll keep your design on file for repeat orders  Your design is your property and we won’t share it with anyone.  

Pattern Development

You can send us your pattern information by any of the following options.

Option 1 - Supply us your CAD data in .dwg or .dxf format.

Option 2 - Send a traced and scanned pattern in .bmp or .tif format along with your actual overall length and width target dimensions.  We’ll convert the basic scan to perfectly smooth vector data.  For best results use a fine tipped felt marker to produce a crisp clean line suitable for scanning.

Option 3 - Send a colored construction paper, aluminum or mild steel pattern.  We’ll scan the pattern and convert the scan to vectors.

Proof Sheet

We will send you a proof sheet showing your design and layout on your stock for approval before we cut any material


You supply material drop shipped or we can with a modest markup.  We carry a limited inventory based on customer repeat business.  Handle material is cut on a case by case basis due to variables within specific materials.



We take delivery dates seriously.  We recognize that our customers are the source for our success.  Upon completion of your order we will notify you with a tracking number and a link to the shipping company so you can track your order.


At Leading Edge we always strive to maintain the highest ethical standards, honoring our commitments and being open and honest in all that we do.

Don’t open up a can of worms call Leading Edge Fabricating for all your cutting needs.